About Us


“Awareness is the beginning of change”, and we see it as our mission to make you aware and to inform you about what kind of food affects your health. About what the food industry offers us in the supermarkets and what they advertise to us. This food industry really doesn’t have the best for us, but unfortunately they do have their own wallet. And the government lets it all happen and underestimates the magnitude of the problem.

Take matters into your own hands and consciously choose the right food.
because you too can be comfortable in your own skin!

Nutrition is so much more than a tasty bite or sip
Several scientific studies have shown that nutrition has an impact on your health. Both your physical health and your mental health. How cool is it then, that by choosing the right food, you can make sure that you feel comfortable again, or that you get more energy, or that you suffer less (or no) from chronic complaints. Click here for our complaint-oriented nutrition advice.

This gives you control over your own health!
The time of packages, bags and microwave meals is really over. With today’s knowledge, we have to make the right choices to ensure that we stay healthy (or even become healthy). And cooking is really not difficult, scary or takes a lot of time.

How do you…? Come to a cooking workshop or make an appointment for a personal advice. Then together we’ll see how we can change your current diet step by step. And if cooking yourself is (still) too big a challenge for you, we will be happy to come and do it for you! With our healthy and delicious catering you will surprise your guests!