Honey healthy? 10 proven ways honey makes us healthier

Honey is healthy… period! Honey is delicious and honey has a function in this world. But many of us lost sight of honey, because we traded it massively for those processed sugars that make us so sick. I went looking for the evidence that shows that honey is healthy.

Various studies have shown that honey is healthy for our health. Most of the studies were based on people with good health. People with diabetes, should be careful with the use of honey and children under the age of 2 should not eat honey yet. But for the rest of the people, honey is almost a miracle cure. My research revealed 10 proven health benefits of honey.

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The 10 reasons why honey is healthy

Honey heals and disinfects wounds and blisters

Several studies have shown that honey has a healing effect on superficial wounds and blisters. A Norwegian study (1) with a honey from New Zealand showed that honey could heal wounds that did not heal with the standard medical solutions. The honey sterilizes the wound, making it heal faster. Several studies also showed that the wound healed better than with the traditional approach.

Honey is the superlative of cough medicine

As soon as we start coughing, most of us immediately grab a bottle of cough syrup… and I have to admit… there are some very nice ones at 😉 But they’re not really healthy. Honey is possibly the best remedy against coughing. For example, two studies showed that children who took a teaspoonful of honey before going to bed coughed much less. It also showed that the children who did this were less likely to be taken from their sleep by coughing. In addition, the antibacterial properties help to keep the throat clean and soothe the pain.

Forget the gel packs for athletes… honey will really get you through it!

Honey is a fantastic source of natural energy. The carbohydrates directly supplement the energy levels. With 17 grams of carbohydrates per teaspoon, honey may be the best source of energy for sports (2). Many sports fans tried it out, as you can read in this blog (English). Honey is healthier and cheaper than a sports drink or gel and has many more advantages than just energy.

Honey healthy, also externalisation

Do you have dry skin? Then apply a layer of honey and leave it on for half an hour… success guaranteed! Because the honey sticks to the skin, it creates the perfect moisture conditions to repair the skin. Don’t forget to take it off and don’t do it on the campsite, especially in the summer! #BeeAlert!!

Scalp problems? No more next week! Spread honey on your scalp

In a study, people suffering from eczema and/or dandruff were asked to mix honey with 10% lukewarm water and apply it to the problem area. They left it for 3 hours and rinsed it with warm water. Almost all the participants indicated that they did not have any itching anymore and after a week the problem area had become smaller. After two weeks most of them were completely rid of their problem.

You can boost your memory with… yes… honey!

A tablespoon of honey every day improves your short-term memory, according to a study among 102 healthy women. The women who ate a spoonful of honey every day could remember more words during the short term tests. Critics say it hasn’t been scientifically established yet, but for me the result is clear 😉 The study was reported by Reuters (3).

Honey is packed with vitamins and minerals

Honey is full of vitamins and minerals. Honey contains vitamin B3, vitamin B2, vitamin B5, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium and zinc. Well… what more should I write about it?

Honey is healthy for your intestines

Honey is a probiotioca and keeps your intestinal flora in balance. There are some types of honey that contain very large amounts of good bacteria such as lactobacilli and bifidobacteria.

Honey fights parasites

Honey helps combat parasites. The research was done among 30 children with a parasite. The study was published in The Journal of Medicinal Food (4). The children were given a mixture of Papaya and honey and, of the 30 children, 27 were free of the parasites after 7 days.

Honey helps you lose weight

Honey can help you lose weight if you have a honey drink (tea with honey) before you go to bed. It would help restore your body and burn fat while you sleep. In addition, there are studies that show that you gain less weight if you regularly eat honey (5).

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