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Life Without Limits 5K

April 28, 2016 WebSite-DropImage


Thank you to everyone who came out last night for the 36th annual United Cerebral Palsy of Philadelphia Life Without Limits 5K!

Our race is a point of pride for UCP because it is an event for people of all abilities. We had over 1,000 registered participants and so many came out despite the weather. We had a nice combination of Corporate teams, individual runners and Friends and Family Teams.

Teams like MilUCP Life without Limits runnerses for Maddie who started with UCP’s Best Friends Daycare 15 years ago and have participated in this event for 10 years, and are the TOP family fundraising team!

And, Team Dylan -Dylan, who is now 16 years old, came out to the UCP 5K when he was 7. He started out doing the entire race in his chair, but is working his way to completing the whole race on foot.

And, we have company teams like SIG who come out 300+ strong and CHUBB and The Graham Company who have continued to support this race through sponsorship. Companies that care –we love that!

So many people to be inspired by and as we looked through the rain and the cold, and we saw all the company teams that came out, some seriously fast runners, and all of the family and friend teams, we couldn’t help but be thankful!!!

Thank you all for supporting our Life Without Limits 5k!




 2016 Presenting Sponsor


Andrea & Madison D’Andrea

My daughter, Madison, is a beautiful 16 year old young lady. Due to complications at birth, Madison suffered brain damage and as a result, has cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities, and limited verbal communication skills. She received early intervention services at UCP. When she turned five, although old enough to enter kindergarten, I decided to keep her at UCP for an additional year, an option available to children with special needs. Madison is a proud graduate of UCP Best Friends early childhood program.

I cannot adequately put into words what UCP means to our family. UCP has helped us time and time again with various issues that have developed with Madison. Over the last 14 years, UCP’s Community Social Services department has helped us obtain the vital services that Madison needs. We also received assistance early on with Madison’s feeding issues and how to go about obtaining durable medical equipment. Prior to Madison attending elementary school, UCP helped us advocate for there to be a “one-on-one” aide in the classroom with Madison, which helps her focus on learning. This support has had a big impact on her success at school.

As a family, we have participated in UCP’s 5K for years. Because UCP is such a valuable resource to our family, over the last several years, we put together a team, Miles for Maddie. Last year, we were 55 members strong! Our family and friends were thrilled to participate because they know how much UCP means to us. We were also very successful in our fundraising efforts. It gave us an opportunity to give back to this wonderful organization that does so much for individuals with disabilities. It also gave us a chance to honor Madison who has taught us so much about life. She constantly reminds us that love and happiness are most important.

I invite you to join us at this year’s 5K. It will be held on Tuesday, April 21, 2015. Madison will be in her stroller


Miles for Maddie Team



United Cerebral Palsy of Philadelphia & Vicinity supports thousands of children and adults living with disabilities in the Delaware Valley every year, but unfortunately, there are many more who need our help.

This is why your support of the Life Without Limits 5K is so essential. Engage your friends, family, and colleagues in helping us continue our work for the community. Every gift is significant to UCP, our staff, and most important are the families and individuals who rely on our services.

Fundraising on UCP’s behalf will help us provide essential family support services and other opportunities for individuals living with disabilities to live more independently.

Fundraising provides UCP with the means to:

  • Help parents fight for their child’s right to quality education
  • Advise families on making modifications to their home or vehicles.
  • Offer music, art, sports, and other activities to teens and adults with disabilities
  • Support families caring for a loved one with a disability in their home

We’re not the only ones who benefit when you fundraise. You can too. We’re offering fundraising incentives especially for the UCP Life Without Limits 5K.

  • BPA-free cup with straw and lid ($100)
  • Visor ($250)
  • Beach tote bag ($500)
  • Beach towel ($750)
  • Participants raising $1,000 or more will receive all the items above

Team captains will receive a collapsible chair if their team members raise over $500 as a thank you for encouraging fundraising among your team members. 


Promote your efforts!

Use Facebook and other social media to promote your efforts. What better way to share with your friends and family other than through social media. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn are only a few of the many options for reaching out to your friends, family, and co-workers for support. Be sure to promote the link to your fundraising page! Traditional letter writing and asking are still very effective when it comes to fundraising. Many fundraisers are successful with e-mails, letters, and face-to-face asking.

Fundraising Events

A fun way to fundraise is plan your own event. It can be a theme party, bowling or horseshoe tournament, or game night. Partner with a local restaurant or bar to create a dinner night out event. Ask the restaurant/bar to discount a percentage of the profits to your team for the evening.

Matching Gifts

Ask your company if they participate in matching gift giving.